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From the Mars Rover landing to NYFW, the content uploaded to GIPHY this week really runs the gamut. Catch up on all you may have missed below!

In anticipation of the February 18 landing of NASA’s Mars rover, Perseverance, NASA and GIPHY have teamed up to bring you all the space-themed content you need to celebrate this historic day (all of this content can be found on NASA’s GIPHY Channel, here!). This includes:

Lots and Lots of GIFs
GIFs specific to the Perseverance landing can be found in a collection made especially for the event, here, as well as a GIPHY Story detailing how the Perseverance rover will land on Mars.

In addition, on February 18, NASA will be live-GIFing the rover landing (with GIPHY live-tweeting…

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Catch up on everything new on GIPHY this week!

Love Has No Labels commissioned Jella Creative to create some incredible Black History Month GIFs and Stickers

The #SuperBowl dominated this past Sunday, and whether you were there for the game or the halftime show, we have the GIFs for you!

The one and only Dina Martina launched brand new GIFs just in time for V-day!

Malcolm and Marie GIFs and stickers are now on the official Netflix GIPHY channel!

View the Clip on GIPHY!

Brace yourselves: Rupaul’s Drag Race now has Clips on the official GIPHY channel!

Stay tuned for next week’s #ThisWeekOnGIPHY! In the meantime, follow us on Twitter and Instagram to stay in the loop

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Conducting this month’s interview is Ralph Bishop, one of a handful of Product Designers at GIPHY. He had the immense privilege of subjecting Jason Clarke to a few questions in an attempt to help us all better understand how and why GIFs are born. Jason is the esteemed Sr. Animator & Producer at GIPHY. He’s also an incredible karaoke singer.

We’re launching a new series of product blog posts as an open space for our Product Managers and Designers to share ideas, projects, and product concepts we’ve tried at GIPHY. It’s going to be informative, helpful, fun, quirky. We hope it will provide inspiration for other Product people out there to try within their own organizations. This month’s post is by GIPHY Product Manager, Ashley Chen.

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At GIPHY, Product Owners are responsible for holding regular retrospectives (“retros”) with our engineering teams. The format may differ from team to team, but at a high level, we structure our retros by starting…

A few weeks ago, we introduced GIPHY users to one of our newest creation tools, GIPHY Desktop Sticker Maker. As we teased in that post, Desktop Sticker Maker was simply the first step in helping users access their content wherever their conversations are happening.

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Today, we bring you the next iteration of that news with GIPHY’s Username Search. Username Search allows you to access the content you made on Desktop Sticker Maker anywhere GIPHY Stickers are integrated. …

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2020… how do we even begin to describe this year? It’s safe to say we haven’t experienced anything like it before. The world was shaken by a global pandemic that significantly changed everyday life for billions of people; we saw incredible solidarity as people came together to support the Black Lives Matter movement and speak out against police brutality; we witnessed a historic presidential election… in short, it was a year. And let’s be real, it was by no means an easy one.

Because of this, we truly did not know what to expect as we prepared to pull our…

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Conducting this week’s CREATOR SPOTLIGHT is Dimitri Simakis, the Creative Director at GIPHY Studios, and the co-creator of the found-footage art collective, Everything is Terrible! & Memory Hole. He lives AND works in California.

Parker Jackson is the Senior Art Director at GIPHY STUDIOS and a Painter. Nothing else about him is known, including what he looks or sounds like. Begin Interview:

DS: When looking at your work, I kind of feel like I’m at the Louvre if it was taken over by goblins. Right away, you’re drawn in with unsettling fear, but there’s an overwhelming sensation of warmth that…

Ever wish you had a sticker of your favorite selfie? Maybe a hilarious moment from your kid or cute pet? Now you can turn those static moments into shareable, animated stickers!

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As part of GIPHY’s mission to animate the world, we are very excited to welcome our newest creation tool: GIPHY Desktop Sticker Maker. While it’s possible to make your own Stickers on our mobile apps, this new and highly accessible desktop version hosts an exclusive suite of editing tools that make it easy to customize and animate any image. …

Time may feel like a vague concept this year,

but we can confirm that Halloween is here.

Snuggle up with a scary movie and some snacks,

and if you head out, be sure to double up on masks.

So please enjoy these spooky Stickers and GIFs,

and we’ll be back next week…no ands, buts, or ifs.

The Craft: Legacy is here! And if these GIFs don’t get you excited for this reboot, we don’t know what will.

ALTER has created these incredible iconic horror movie moments in claymation. Somehow, they remain just as spooky.

The Sultan has released his new video for his Halloween single, Monsters!

Richie Brown brought us ghosty glam through these incredible Sticker commissions!


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