Animate the Vax: All the Content You Need for World Immunization Week

In honor of World Immunization Week, GIPHY is launching “Animate the Vax,” a one-stop channel highlighting the best vaccine content from GIPHY’s partners and artists.

As the global effort to vaccinate the public against COVID-19 goes underway, people across the world are turning to GIPHY for vaccine-related content: from January to March, searches for “vaccine” increased 61.3% among our users. In response, GIPHY’s partners and artists have been producing a treasure trove of original GIFs and stickers to encourage the public to do their civic duty and get vaccinated.

On Animate the Vax, you’ll find everything from PSAs about vaccination card selfies (we know you’ve taken a few) to stickers you can use to show that you’ve been vaccinated. You’ll also find original vaccine content commisioned by GIPHY artist Nate Bear and partners such as Into Action and UNICEF.

Here’s a look at the content you’ll find on the channel.

Featured Partners:

Featured Artist: Nate Bear

In midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, New Jersey-New York based GIPHY Arts artist Nate Bear allows us to process the influx of vaccine-related searches with lively and thoughtful illustrations.

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