April: What’s Inspiring Us Lately

This month, we hear from some of our team at GIPHY Studios on what has been inspiring them lately; from animation, discovering an old book online, to a new amusement park, and more!

I was searching for vintage nursery items on etsy and came across this vintage children’s book that I HAD to get bc I just fell in love w/ the adorable cover illustration, and the artwork gave me a little Mary Blair vibe.

– Stephanie Weber, Senior Producer


I recently came across a GIF where someone animated a live action GIF shoot we had done with Tenacious D, I love seeing people take a fun project we worked on into new formats and styles!

– Leroy Patterson, Senior Editor

If 90 Day Fiancé is the Shakespeare of our time, then Before the 90 Days — Season 4 is our Romeo & Juliet. Love, lust, and poisonous relationships. There was no greater drama ever created and I’m head over heels, baby!

– Tianna Harvey, Art Director

Super Nintendo World has opened in the far off land of Japan…

As I’ve become an adult and storyteller, I look back at the things that were magic in my childhood. Over the years, I realize more and more, the power of brand experience through beloved IP. Nintendo is an excellent example of this world building. This team never stops daring to dream and innovate new ways for us to immerse ourselves in their world. Spanning over 30+ years, they have taken us from 8-bit games on a box tv screen and into the entertainment space with life-size goombas where we can actually throw AR/VR fireballs, jump on blocks to defeat Bowser in a new battle, in a new era. 8 bit meets 2D meets 3D meets AR/VR meets In Real Life. Wow. They understand the need to innovate and remain relevant in an evolving world of creativity and technology. In their impressive journey and execution, they manage to excite us as adults just as they did when we were kids discovering Yoshi on a speedway or figuring out how to make Tanooki Mario fly for the first time.

As a creator and producer, this inspires me to continue to examine storytelling and brand experience in new spaces, to dare to keep dreaming and innovating.

– Marina Campana, Producer

Watch it on HBO Max.

Like every Studio Ghibli film, this is a beautifully animated movie, with some surprising voice actors; Lauren Bacall? Jean Simmons? Billy Crystal? Who Knew? (*if you’re watching the English-dubbed version)

Although it is not a perfect film (oooof, the pacing), it was inspiring to see one of the most unique takes on the female-driven coming-of-age story in an animated film.

Miyazaki and team flip the traditional story of a young woman learning to adult and created an animated film where an adult learns how to adult. The film plays around with this by the use of sound mixing + voice acting, weaving the young adult voice actress with the older adult voice actress, helping us understand the push and pull of realizing adulthood and being comfortable there.

– Arielle Martorana, Head of Studios Creative Services

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