Behind the Scenes with GIPHY Studios: “Attack of the Fresas”

This new GIPHY Studios Original collection is a crash course in how to speak “Fresa,” a Mexico subculture inhabited by superficial and privileged upper-class youth–think Mexican Valley girls.

We asked David Carrillo and Nicky Rojo, the creator/producer and art director respectively, what went into making this project.

What was your inspiration for the project?

DAVID: I became really fascinated with Fresas’ very particular Spanish vernacular after watching shows like “Casas de las Flores” and “Made in Mexico.” The expressions used by these characters were slightly grading, but also really catchy and fun to imitate. We wanted to create more Spanish content for GIPHY and thought this would be both a fun parody and homage to Mexican Spanish. We knew Spanish-speaking users could use this content both authentically or in jest!

NICKY: As someone who grew up in Mexico, I was aware of fresas but never thought much about them, or why we even call them that. Fresas are an inescapable part of Mexican culture. Everyone has an opinion on them, and they usually have a reputation for being spoiled brats. When David talked about this idea with me, I immediately started imagining how funny it could be. I wanted to use real strawberries for the imagery, because in Spanish “fresas” literally means “strawberries.” It’s pretty on the nose, but strawberries are so glam! So, why not?

Was there anything surprising that happened during the process? Did you learn anything new?

NICKY:Honestly, did not expect to hire real fresas, but here we are.

DAVID: I learned so much! Though I’m Mexican American, I’m removed from Mexico-Mexican culture, including the world of Fresas. I don’t speak fluent Spanish, and while Nicky grew up in Mexico and is fluent in Spanish, neither of us had enough recent experience with this culture to do this on our own. We hired Gabriel, a cultural consultant from Mexico who ensured we were representing the fresa-dom accurately. I had never heard of many of the expressions we ended up using in our content, so this was a fun way for me to brush up on current Mexican slang, and in a way, reconnect with my heritage.

What do you hope people take away from your project? How do you hope people use your Clips?

NICKY: I hope people can have some laughs while bringing out their inner fresa.

Storyboard for “Te Ves Super!” (“You look great!”)

What was your favorite part of the project?

NICKY: My favorite part was getting to co-direct with David live and remotely. I felt like I was there and got to see the talent shine in real-time. Second place honorary mention goes to shooting and glamming up real strawberries, but I was sad I couldn’t eat them!!

Is glitter a good seasoning?
My cat Pinto really likes the light box.

Favorite clip from the project?

NICKY: It might be “Obvio”. The face Sergio makes kills me. “Ubicate” is a really close second place though, Estefania brought 110% of her attitude.

DAVID: I second “Ubicate!” Estefania brought so much real-life attitude to that one in fact that she busted up laughing after her first take. She said it reminded her too much of how she speaks to her sister.

What do some of the phrases translate to?

Vales Mil: “You’re worth a thousand!” A thousand what, we don’t know, but it’s definitely a good thing.

Me cagas: “You give me diarrhea.” Do with that what you will.

Ubicate: Lit. “Locate or situate yourself.” Best translated as “Check yourself, before you wreck yourself.”

Es Neta?: It’s just like “For real?” “Neta” is basically the truth of a matter.

Equis: Lit. the letter “X”. Kind of like saying, “whatever.”

Que Oso: “I’m such a bear.” People say this when they’re super embarrassed about something they’ve done. Fun fact! This refers to bears when they were clumsy circus acts in the old days.

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