Behind The Scenes with GIPHY Studios: Gothidays

The Gothidays Collection embraces holiday tradition with a dark twist. Two moody teenagers trudge and rage through holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and National Donut Day. Nothing says festive like black eyeliner and a pair of combat boots. *Clomp clomp*

Produced by Marina Campaña

Art Direction by Sazan Pasori & Tianna Harvey

Starring Sazan Pasori & Tianna Harvey

Selects by Molly Koch

Sound Design by Josh Ascalon

TH: I can’t speak for everyone else, but personally, I have been regressing into an angsty teenager. So I was ready to go all the way. Also, this gem of a photo drove the concept home.

SP: Shoutout to this goth queen and her Christmas-loving family.

What was your favorite part of this production?

SP: Emotionally, Tianna and myself have been ‘raving under a freeway overpass’ since March 2020. The concept of angst, feeling stuck, going dark — it felt extra synergistic with the approaching holiday season. My favorite part of this production was watching me and Tianna transform ourselves physically, especially seeing the different directions we took the theme. Also, Tianna is truly the funniest person…on earth? I was cry-laughing the entire time.

TH: I don’t enjoy being in front of the camera, so it was a pleasant surprise when I began editing the GIFs, and saw how funny they were. Sazan had me cackling.

Honestly, how difficult was it to achieve the amazing Goth make-up: did you practice?

TH: I’m going to assume this question was not aimed at me. But since you asked, 90 percent was making myself look *more* pale and 10 percent was just badly drawn eyeliner. The wig did most of the work. No practice at all if you can believe. :)

SP: You know that Picasso quote, “good artists borrow, great artists steal?” Well, I definitely stole this look from Season 13, RuPaul’s Drag Race Finalist, Gottmik. I consider them a creative genius, and my sloppy attempt to pay homage to their signature face got me in the headspace to make these silly goth GIFs. I’ve done a lot of crazy things since working at GIPHY; but pounding my face with makeup called “Clown White,” well — that was a first!

Favorite CLIP/s from the project?



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