Creators Club Spotlight: Christina Xing

Christina Xing (she/her) is a Los-Angeles based director that works in both the music video and branded space, having grabbed the attention of artists such as Courtney Barnett, Claud, Frances Forever and clients such as Tinder, Snapchat and Crayola. But in her spare time she’s been trying to keep her nose clean and eat more veggies.

Keep reading for Q&A with Christina about her work and projects with GIPHY Studios’ Creators Club!

Tell us a little about your Creators Club project.

I made a mix of super silly, memey GIFs and Clips filled with humor and I mixed those with really vulnerable GIFs and Clips surrounding my deepest traumas through the lenses of horror films. It was important for me to show both sides because I think more often than not I’ve got a silly exterior and I make a lot of work that’s goofy, but I never really get to share the darker sides to myself. So I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work on this project!

What are three words you would use to describe your creative style?

Saturated, youthful, dreamy.

What do you do when you feel like you are in a creative rut?

Get in my car and drive. Stop at the first exit/place that sparks my interest.

Who are your favorite creators to follow on social right now?

@katgmorrist on Instagram/TikTok, @ariaherbst on Instagram, @malcolmlombardi on Instagram, @lesliezhang1992 on Instagram, @americanbaron on Instagram/TikTok.

What has been a recent source of inspiration for you?

I’ve been reading a lot of comics lately and I think they are influencing a lot of the concepts I’ve been thinking of.

What are a few examples of your work you are most proud of or have been your favorite to create?

Space Girl by Frances Forever (music video), Paranoia Party by Frances Forever (music video), Wish You Were Gay by Claud (music video)

What was your favorite part of your Creators Club project? Favorite Clip?

My favorite part of this project was getting to make these with my best friends. Especially the darker horror portraits. It was really cool not only getting to explore sharing such a vulnerable side to myself in regards to my trauma’s being displayed in the work, but also getting to really perfect a single frame and tell a story in that frame. As for favorites? Personally, I love the shot of my dear friend Nick Trivisonno walking into a lake with blood on his shirt, completely restrained until he has sunk. The shot idea itself was inspired by this horribly sad story I heard about my favorite author, Virginia Woolf choosing to end her life by walking in a body of water with rocks in her pocket. That story has always deeply broken my heart in ways I can’t explain.

See her full collection on GIPHY here and follow GIPHY Studios on Twitter and Instagram.



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