Creators Club Spotlight: Dylan McKeever

Dylan McKeever (she/they) is a comedian and video maker based in Los Angeles, CA. She’s a double earth sign, likes long meandering walks around the neighborhood, eating dim sum and passing out.

Keep reading for Q&A with Dylan about her work and project with GIPHY Studios’ Creators Club!

Tell us a little about your Creators Club project.

The focus of my project was about misery and grief and the things we do to cope with those feelings. I wanted to tap into the collective emotional trauma we’ve all experienced these last couple of years and provide some commiseration and humor to (hopefully) ease some of the pain.

What are three words you would use to describe your creative style?

Horny, gay, clown.

What do you do when you feel like you are in a creative rut?

Oh I just try to let myself be in the rut and accept that it’s ok to not be creative. I trust that ideas will come eventually because they always do. Easier said than done, of course!

What has been a recent source of inspiration for you?

I loved Julio Torres’ standup special My Favorite Shapes. A current guilty pleasure (and odd source of inspiration) has been the new Marvel shows WandaVision and LOKI.

What are a few examples of your work you are most proud of or have been your favorite to create?

I’m happy with my and love how they’ve evolved over time. Besides that I’m proud of my shorter one-off jokes like or the .

What was your favorite part of your Creators Club project? Favorite Clip?

I loved that this project was so open-ended. The fact that the prompt was “winter-themed or literally anything else” had me cracking up, but also excited to try out some weirder ideas. It was also a great opportunity to learn some video editing magic to really bring the clips to life. My fav is the one where I make out with a golden retriever in an Italian villa.

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