Nov 1, 2021

1 min read

Creators Club Spotlight: Thu Tran

Thu Tran (she/her) is an artist making videos, drawings, and crafts. Silk is her cat’s name.

Keep reading for insight from Thu on her project with GIPHY Studios’ Creators Club!

Tell us a little about your Creators Club project.

This set of clips enters the mind of a cat and projects its own perceptions on what those thoughts might be. The cat is based on my real life cat, Silk. The cat puppet is based on Silk, crafted and puppeteered by Davey Krofta (Instagram: @daveyk81).

What was your favorite part of your Creators Club project? Favorite Clip?

I love hanging out with Dave and making art about my cat, and was very grateful for the opportunity to do that.

My favorite clip is “I’m Bread” because it can be a zen reaction for most of life’s questions. I love how Dave engineered the cat puppet to look like a spider that transforms into a loaf.

See her full collection on GIPHY here and follow GIPHY Studios on Twitter and Instagram.