DIG! DIG! DIG! An Exquisite Corpse by Cartuna x GIPHY Arts

GIPHY Arts is pleased to present DIG! DIG! DIG! the latest episode of a three part series created in partnership with the award-winning animation studio Cartuna. In this episode, we follow an explorer as they travel seamlessly through artist narratives, down mysterious tunnels and into the everyday happenings of lifeform’s imagined habitats.

(2021) by Cartuna; Made possible with support by GIPHY Arts

In Cartuna’s words “Dig to the center of the earth and excavate hidden worlds! An underground garden, a mole rave, a dragon’s den and more are discovered in this collection of clips featuring artists from around the globe.””

Excerpt from By Jonathon Yellowhair

Participating artists in DIG! DIG! DIG! include Hunter French, Lee Thompson, Imogen Osborne-Sanders, Jean Yu, Lindsay Vluttert, Nina Coffaro, Meghan Luna, Durotimi Akinkugbe, Ting Chu, Ucheoma Uzosike, Ali Graham, Romain Gautreau, Michie Gonzalez, Jonathon Yellowhair, Paige Tush, Quincy Emerson, Eddie Clark, Dru Shaw, Terry Ibele, Ed Gaskew & Chumani Bowser. Sound Design by Logan Baldwin, music by Magnofield and editing by Ben Bishop. Produced by Noah Pardo.

Excerpt from By Romain Gautreau

Each Clip from the series is available to share via GIPHY Clips. Search “dig clips” or visit Cartuna’s GIPHY channel to explore them all.

For more from GIPHY Arts, follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Find more of Cartuna’s work on their Instagram and be sure to check out the first episode of the series “HEADS UP!



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