Earth Month: Go Green & Go GIF

April brings us more than just showers, it brings us a time to celebrate our one and only amazing Earth…

This year, GIPHY went BIG for Earth Month 2021 with a brand new official Earth Month channel! The GIPHY Earth channel consists of new and old content from various organizations, artists, and people who are passionate about climate change! Check out some of the content highlights below from our incredible artist community, partners who commissioned artists for Earth Month, GIPHY Studios, and more…

Seeds Of Change x Trap Bob
Flora Plant Butter x Bianca Bosso
GIPHY Studios

Commissioned work by GIPHY Artists Tolmeia Gregory, Andy Gottschalk and Alabaster Pizzo. In Andy’s featured commission, Gottschalk explores what love looks like between humans and the animal kingdom.

“Charming human characters imitate their animal friends, or else express emotions towards them in cute and legible poses. I wanted to communicate the awe that accompanies our human observation of the natural world, while still being able to map those experiences to basic expressions: love, delight, anger, swagger.”

In Tolmeia’s featured commission, Gregory — who doubles as both a GIF artist and a climate justice activist — took a different approach, focusing on messages that illustrate critical climate actions for people to consider like going plastic-free, planting a tree, or pursuing a meatless diet.

Into Action Clips
Discovery Clip

We hope that this content makes it easier for users to share content and create a conversation around this pressing issue! So check out and SHARE the GIPHY Earth channel because EVERY DAY should be EARTH DAY!

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