Editor’s Picks: The Best GIFs andClips from ‘Big Brother’ Season 23

After three months of evictions, alliances, and competitions, Season 23 of CBS’ “Big Brother” closed out last week with Xavier Prather taking home the top prize and making history as the show’s first Black champion.

This season’s “Big Brother” was full of twists and turns, all moments we captured live via GIFs and Clips on the official “Big Brother” GIPHY channel.

Need a rundown of the top GIFs and Clips from Season 23? No worries, we got you: here are some of our favorite moments below.

The Cookout Alliance

Of course, we can’t even begin to talk about this season or Prather’s historic victory without mentioning one of the strongest and most successful alliances in “Big Brother” history: The Cookout alliance.

While they didn’t meet as a group until Day 56, the six-member Cookout alliance remained a dominant force throughout the game, united by a single mission: to make sure that “Big Brother” would crown its first Black champion.

In the end, the play worked: against all odds, the alliance made it to the final six…

…and “Big Brother” crowned Prather as champion! Mission accomplished.

Top 3 GIFs From Season 23

While Derek “Big D” Frazier came up short in the final jury vote, he did end up at the top of our list of the most-viewed GIFs from Season 23.

This GIF of Frazier was the most-viewed GIF of the season, with 65M+ views, as of Wednesday.

Frazier also nabbed the second most-viewed GIF of the season, with 42M+ views, as of Wednesday.

Remember Brent Champagne? This GIF of him was the third most-viewed GIF of the season, with 29M+ views.

Clips, Clips, Clips

We love a good Reaction Clip and this season of “Big Brother” had plenty of them! Here are some of our favorite ones, no context needed:

Azah Awasum — “Call Me Petty”

Derek Xiao — “Ugh!”

Britini D’Angelo — “Said No One Ever!”

Tiffany Mitchell — “How you doin?!”

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