Editor’s Picks: The Top GIFs and Clips From the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics

After 13 days and 539 events, the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games are over.

Long-delayed by the pandemic, this year’s Games were like no other, featuring a record number of Paralympians and delivering some spectacular moments, from Sophie Pascoe’s hard-won gold medal win to the final closing ceremony. This year, we worked with the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) to bring you all of these moments (and more!) from the Games in GIFs and Clips on the official IPC GIPHY channel.

Want the official lowdown of the top GIFs, Clips, and more? Here are some highlights from GIPHY’s Sports Editor, Jake Martella.

All the Gold Medals!

According to Martella, some of the Games’ best moments came from the Paralympians’ reactions to their gold medal wins: “With the Paralympics, there’s so much more these athletes had to endure in and outside of the sport and you can really feel it when they celebrate. It’s incredibly inspiring.”

This moment from Colombia’s Nelson Crispin Corzo, who won the gold medal in the men’s 200m medley, was the second most-viewed GIF from the Games, with 104M+ views as of Sunday.

Chile’s Francisca Mardones’ reaction to her gold medal win in women’s shot put was “an instant classic,” per Jake. “She had so much passion. You really do love to see it”

Another Jake fav? This Clip of Team USA’s Breanna Clark’s victory dance after her gold medal win in the women’s 400m.

This moment from New Zealand’s Sophie Pascoe’s gold medal win in 100m freestyle also deserves a shoutout. Pascoe won another gold medal in the 200m medley.

Great Britain’s David Smith won his second consecutive Boccia gold medal this year. This reaction in one word? “Heartfelt”, per Jake.

And, to top it all off, this Clip of Iran’s Hashemiyeh Motaghian Moavi’s reaction to her gold medal win in women’s seated javelin. We can feel the joy!

What was the most viewed GIF?

Great Britain’s Neil Fachie’s tussle with his flag was the most-viewed GIF from this year’s Games, with 110M+ views as of Sunday.

Plenty of fun moments during the Games topped our most-viewed GIFs: for example, this moment from Great Britain’s Amy Conroy, which was the fifth most-viewed GIF from the Games at 79M+ views.

Action Clips

Brazil’s five-a-side football team won their fifth consecutive gold medal this year, and this Clip is no doubt a sign of why. This play by Brazil’s Tiago Parana was “a masterclass,” according to Jake. “To see athletes with visual impairments execute with that type of talent and skill is magical to witness,” said Jake.

This Clip of Sri Lanka’s Dinesh Priyantha’s epic battle cry speaks for itself.

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