Editor’s Picks: Top GIFs and Clips from the 2021 Oscars (Plus a Few of Our Favorites!)

The 93rd Academy Awards ceremony was a historic night for Hollywood, with “Minari” star Youn Yuh-Jung making history as the first Korean woman to win “Best Supporting Actress,” and Chloé Zhao becoming the first woman of color, first Chinese woman, and second woman ever to take home the Oscar for “Best Director” — a feat 93 years in the making.

Below, we’ve broken down some of the most-viewed moments of the night (such as the #1 most-viewed GIF featuring Tyler Perry’s call to “Refuse Hate”) as well as some of our Editors’ own favorite GIFs and Clips (which can all be found on the Oscars official GIPHY channel!).

Glenn Close x “Da Butt”

If we could give an Oscar for Best Actress for the event itself, it would easily go to Glenn Close. Not only did searches for “Glenn Close” and “da butt” spike significantly during the evening, but Glenn Close dancing was the second most-viewed GIF and third most-viewed Clip of the entire evening.

Editor’s Note: “Nominee Glenn Close dancing ‘Da Butt’ is, in short, everything. This was hands-down our favorite moment of the night, and it’s now forever immortalized in GIF form!”

A Historic Night for Women of Color

As mentioned above, Youn Yuh-Jung and Chloe Zhao’s wins made for a historic night. In addition to their well-deserved (and likely, long time coming) wins, these two incredible women also had some of the most memorable speeches and reactions of the show.

This Clip Youn Yuh-Jung saying “Finally, nice to meet you!” to Brad Pitt was the most-viewed Clip of the evening.

Our editors personally loved this Clip as well, noting “‘Minari’ star Youn Yuh-Jung took home the award for Best Supporting Actress and gave a shout-out to her kids, saying: ‘I’d like to thank my two boys who make me go out and work.’ What working mom can’t relate???”

This reaction by Chloe Zhao, which easily found its place in the top 10 most-viewed GIFs of the night, is as exciting as it is emotional, and we love how it captures her sheer surprise.

Daniel Kaluuya and Frances McDormand Top the GIPHY Charts

Between Daniel Kaluuya’s speech and Frances McDormand’s reaction, these two were without a doubt the most visible individuals in the top GIFs and Clips of the night.

This Clip of Daniel Kaluuya was the second-most viewed Clip of the night. Our Editors take on while it’s so popular: “When Daniel Kaluuya won Best Supporting Actor for ‘Judas and the Black Messiah’ he ended his speech by saying “I’m gonna get back to work Tuesday morning because tonight I’m going up!” — and needless to say, we’re obsessed with it. This is the new go-to Clip to send to your friends at work when you’re headed to the next office happy hour!”

Daniel’s “Peace, love, and onward” sign-off also struck a chord with audiences as it was the 5th most-viewed GIF of the night.

And one of our editor’s favorites: “Daniel Kaluuya’s Best Supporting Actor acceptance speech took a hilarious turn by pointing out that he’s only here because his parents had sex, and his mom, who was in the audience, could be seen saying, ‘What’s he going on about?’ Audience reaction GIFs during awards shows are always winners in our book, and this is an instant classic.”

Meanwhile, Frances McDormand was also capturing hearts with her very relatable reactions. This GIF of her saying “thank you” was the third most-viewed GIF of the night followed closely by her “I Love Work” GIF which was the fourth most-viewed GIF. Why so relatable? Per our editors:

“‘Thank you’ is consistently one of the top queries on GIPHY, so we’re always looking for new gratitude content for our library. But this GIF, because it’s without sound or context, makes her declaration seem curt or even sarcastic which is not only super funny, but a great, fresh addition to our ‘thank you’ search.”

A Call to Action

There were also many admirable moments of celebrities using their spotlight to draw attention to current events.

“Actress and filmmaker Regina King opened this year’s ceremony by touching on the recent verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin, explaining that if things had gone differently, ‘I may have traded in my heels for marching boots.’ We love Regina King, we love this phrase, and, now, we love this Clip.”

Trayvon Free and Martin Desmond Roe drew attention to the ongoing police violence in their emotional acceptance speech for winning Best Short Film for “Two Distant Strangers.”

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