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GIFs Everywhere, for Everyone!

2016 was a great year for the GIF and for GIPHY.

We made GIFs available in even more places: GIFs in your tweets? Yep. GIFs in Outlook? Sure did. GIFs in iMessage? Send ‘em.

We built new, improved and fun products: GIPHY Search for Android + iOS, GIPHY Keys, GIPHY Cam 2.0, GIPHY Cam for Android, GIPHY Capture for OSX.

We helped people fall in love on Tinder and Bumble.

We opened the world’s first GIF Studio.

We welcomed 3 new office dogs.

And, hundreds of millions of people used GIPHY on a daily basis.

2017 is going to be even more exciting because we’re proud to announce our $72 million Series D, led by DFJ with participation from IVP, CMC Capital and existing investors. Now, even more people will get to have fun with GIPHY all over the world.

We promise to keep giving you more of the best GIFs in realtime, great tools to make your own GIF content, and the easiest ways to share and use GIFs.

GIFs everywhere, for everyone.

GIPHY. All the GIFs.

Here’s what some of our investors have to say:

The Internet is sizzling with GIFs these days because it is the perfect format for snappy expression. Giphy with its full stack approach from search to authoring tools to direct integration with messaging apps has made it really easy and fun for consumers to engage. It’s no wonder their usage and engagement numbers are exploding.

— Barry Schuler, DFJ Growth Partner and GIPHY board member

As an early investor in Twitter and Snap (formerly Snapchat), IVP has had a front row seat in witnessing the rapid transformation of social messaging applications into next-generation media platforms that now reach billions of global consumers. With every major platform shift in media, there is a proliferation of new content formats, GIPHY’s explosive growth represents the tip of the iceberg with respect to how micro-content will inform and entertain consumers in the decades to come.

— Dennis Phelps, IVP General Partner

GIPHY has built a market leading position and strong ecosystem around GIF, which has become a new language for media and communication especially among the younger generation, thanks to the development of mobile internet and social / messaging platforms. GIPHY is well positioned to capture tremendous future opportunities from its unique end-to-end model and strong focus on quality content. We are very excited to be part of GIPHY’s future growth.

— Ruigang Li, CMC Capital Chairman

GIPHY is GIFs. The first and largest GIF search engine, where thousands of artists, brands, and pop culture moments make today’s expression, entertainment, and info a little more moving. Search, Share, and Make All The GIFs!

Learn more about in our 2016 State of the GIF report.

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GIPHY is all the GIFs. We’re the first and largest GIF search engine where artists, brands, and users alike go to make everyday conversation more entertaining.

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