GIPHY App Update: Creation Tools Now Include Text Stickers!

In GIPHY’s latest app release, we’ve rolled out our first Text Sticker Maker — a creation tool designed to make your words more animated and moving than ever through custom Text Stickers.

Text Stickers function the same way regular GIPHY Stickers do, except they only feature words. They can be used in messaging or layered atop media to add commentary to help you express your thoughts or feelings in a whole new way!

How it Works

In the mobile app, select “Text” at the bottom of Create mode. Tap to start typing and when you’re ready, tap or swipe through the animated presets to apply a style. Once you’ve found your favorite text style, tap “Done.” From the Editor tool, you’ll be able to layer GIPHY Stickers or add more text captions to your creation.

Sharing Text Stickers

Text Stickers can be shared in iMessage by dragging them from the GIPHY extension or by sharing from your Uploads tab.

And voila, now you can animate any conversation with your own custom GIPHY-inspired Text! For more updates from GIPHY, follow us on Instagram and Twitter @GIPHY.

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