GIPHY Arcade is Here to Add Entertaining, Micro-sized Gaming to Any Conversation

Today, we are super excited to announce the launch of GIPHY Arcade, a first-of-its-kind gaming platform that invites you to play, remix, and share your own GIPHY-powered microgames.

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At GIPHY, we’re always thinking of new ways to make your daily conversations more entertaining — whether it be through GIFs, Stickers, Animated Emoji and Text, etc. By being easily shareable and short (each game can be played in seconds!), GIPHY Arcade is yet another way we’re bringing more personality and creativity to the everyday messaging experience.

To get started, visit the GIPHY Arcade homepage where you can choose from an enormous library of bite-sized games created by GIPHY, the GIPHY Artist Community, and brand partners like Wendy’s who launched menu-inspired games today (more on that, below!). Once you’ve chosen your game, start tapping, dragging, and swiping your way to victory right in your mobile or web browser without even downloading an app.

For those of you who want to create your own game, you’re in luck! By using the Remix feature, you can put your own spin on any existing game by choosing a template and bringing it to life with GIPHY Stickers, backgrounds, and music. On mobile, just answer three quick questions and the Remix feature will automatically generate a custom game for you that’s ready to play so you can make your own game even while on the go. If and when you do remix a game and share it, show us by hashtagging #GIPHYArcade and mentioning @GIPHY!

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GIPHY Arcade “Remix” on Mobile

“When exploring what games could look like for GIPHY, we knew the experience had to be quick, shareable, and accessible for everyone, including people who don’t necessarily have a history with gaming” said Nick Santaniello, Senior Product Engineer at GIPHY. “With GIPHY Arcade, we’ve created an experience that provides not only instant fun for the player, but also a new way to add personalized expression and entertainment to conversations as they’re happening.”

Designed to be played in just a matter of seconds and easily shared in texts, chats, emails and even directly in your Twitter feed, Arcade continues to push the boundaries of what visual communication can look like and how short-form content can entertain and engage people in a whole new way.

To help celebrate the kickoff of GIPHY Arcade, we teamed up with Wendy’s as an exclusive launch partner to create custom games as well as backgrounds and characters that users can Remix into their own game play.

“At Wendy’s, we love engaging with our customers and providing them unique experiences,” said James Bennett, The Wendy’s Company Vice President of Media and Social. “As the official launch partner of GIPHY Arcade, we are excited to create a new gaming experience that allows our fans to not only join us in the fight against frozen beef, but to have a little fun with Spicy Nuggets, too! Our partnership with GIPHY allows us to meet our fans where they are and speak in their language, while letting Wendy’s come through in an authentic way. We can’t wait to see what fun GIPHY fans have engaging with GIPHY Arcade and with Wendy’s!”

For more information or to try out GIPHY Arcade for yourself, visit:

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