GIPHY Arts Presents: Artists to Watch 2022.

To complement GIPHY’s annual Year in Review, we are thrilled to present our inaugural list of Artists to Watch! The list features 10 visual artists from all over the world who are creating innovative and inspiring work that is uniquely their own. While this list is only the tip of a very large iceberg, we hope it will inspire you to take a deeper dive into the many talents of our incredible community.

Without further ado, we present to you, GIPHY Arts’ inaugural Artists to Watch list of 2022!

Natalia Rocafuerte

In her words: Natalia Rocafuerte is a video artist exploring her dreams through installations, films, and print. Rocafuerte’s recent installation film “Dream of Emma and Tony” was featured and won best “Michigan Filmmaker” at the 59th Ann Arbor Film Festival. Rocafuerte uses analog video synths, collage and sound diaries for her work, she is a current MFA candidate at University of Michigan.

This year, GIPHY Arts commissioned Natalia to create a 30-second short called “Fruit Dream”. When we interviewed Natalia about her work, she said “I hope people get a psychedelic dream-like state from my gifs that reorients their focus to endless possibilities!”

You can learn more about Natalia’s work on her GIPHY channel, on Instagram, and on her website!

Natalia Rocafuerte

Min Liu

In her words: Min Liu is a Taiwanese animation artist, who earned her BA in 2010 from National Taiwan University in Taipei and her MFA in Computer Art with a concentration in 2D animation and motion graphics from the School of Visual Arts, NYC in 2013. She has focused on hand-drawn cel animation since then. Her style is unique and with a dark sense of humor. She plays with increased consideration for negative space and a strong color palette to create a special and impressive visual.

This year, Min was one of 21 contributing artists in Let’s Get Crackin’, a collaborative exquisite corpse celebrating the humble egg, produced by Cartuna for GIPHY Arts. You can watch a clip of Min’s piece, “Katsu Don” below. To learn more about Min’s work, check out her GIPHY channel, her Instagram, and her daily “Bloody Dairy” animation project on her website!

Min Liu for Cartuna

Morris Callegari

In his words: Morris Callegari is a designer/illustrator living in Berkeley, CA. Previously he has worked as an Environment/Concept Artist for Tippett Studio. On nights and weekends he’s been working on his short film, Elsewhere, which wrapped in April, with plans to enter it into film festivals.

This year, GIPHY Arts commissioned Morris to create a 30-second nostalgic short called Exxtra Hot which you can watch on his channel here. You can also read about the piece and Morris’ process via Medium, here.

Morris is available for freelance animation work via the Hire Me contact form on his channel. You can learn more about his work on his GIPHY channel, on his Instagram, and at his website!

Morris Callegari

SUPA FLOWA “Yanna Casey”

In her words: Supa Flowa “Yanna Casey” is a black queer self-taught multidisciplinary artist currently located in Atlanta, GA. She specializes in 2D animation, rotoscoping, and motion graphics.

We love Supa Flowa’s playful self portrait rotoscope series that combines animated elements with video to bring them to life.

Supa Flowa is available for freelance animation work via the Hire Me contact form on her channel. You can see more of her work on her GIPHY channel, on Instagram, or catch her 2020 reel on her website here!

Supa Flowa “Yanna Casey”

Loulou João

In her words: Loulou João is an AfroBelgian 3D illustrator and animator. Due to her mixed roots, she developed an interdimensional worldview. Because of this, she approaches political, cultural, socio-economic and historical aspects of the white world in an analytical way. By making use of 3D software (Blender), she visualizes her own identity.

This year, Loulou was one of 35 contributing artists featured in GIPHY Arts’ self published lenticular book of GIFs, Frame by Frame. You can check out her piece, Dance like nobody’s watching on loop here. To see more of Loulou’s work, you can find her on GIPHY, on Instagram, and at her website, where she recently started selling beautiful scarves featuring her designs.

Loulou João

Noah Camp

In his words: Noah Camp is a 3D type artist, illustrator, and animator located in Philadelphia, PA. Noah has combined his experience in design and CGI with his love of hand lettering and tactile experiences. He is most well-known for his quirky and playful 3D alphabets, creating visceral reactions with seemingly touchable textures. Noah has worked with awesome clients including Target, Toys “R” Us, Instagram, Adobe, BBC, Entertainment Weekly, and more.

We encourage you to listen to this interview of Noah on Andy J Pizza’s Creative Pep Talk podcast, where they discuss finding your creative path, and how to own your story both as a person, and as an artist.

Noah is available for freelance animation work via the Hire Me contact form on his channel. You can see more of his work on his GIPHY channel, on Instagram, and on his website, here!

Noah Camp

André Gora

André Gora is a Brazilian crypto artist specializing in drawing, animation, and synths. We love André’s bold use of color, and the extraterrestrial themes and forms that are ever-present in his work. André’s NFTs are available for purchase on multiple platforms including OpenSea, Foundation, and

André is available for freelance animation work via the Hire Me contact form on his channel. You can see more of his work on his GIPHY channel, on Instagram, on and at his Lynkfire here!


Richard A Chance

In his words: “Richard A. Chance. Brooklyn NY. I grew up around the corner from the Chinese food spot. I was that kid running across the street to go to the deli to buy something for my mother.” Richard has done work for Bloomberg Businessweek, Refinery29, Variety Mag, Splice, Anxy Mag, GIPHY, The Baffler, The New Yorker, In the Mesh, and Willamette week.

In 2019, GIPHY Arts commissioned Richard to create a massive 15 second loop in partnership with Nasdaq. Richard’s GIF, titled Deodorantes, features a group of lizards and their human counterpart posing for a family photo. His piece was displayed on Nasdaq’s 12,000 square foot screen in Times Square.

To learn more about Richard’s work, check out his GIPHY channel, his Instagram, and his website here.

Richard A Chance

Urja Vakta

In her words: “Urja Vakta is an animator based in New York. Her work explores ideas of physical and psychological comfort through distorted perspectives and vibrant colors. She enjoys telling stories of inclusivity and promoting the uniqueness of individuality. In her free time she likes propagating her plants and watching cartoons.”

The diversity of style in Urja’s portfolio is really special, and the way she plays with form and scale when illustrating people in her work. This year, GIPHY Arts commissioned Urja to create a 30-second short featuring a dreamy, meditative summer picnic scene. You can check the short out on her channel here!

Urja is available for freelance animation work via the Hire Me contact form on her channel. You can see more of Urja’s work on her GIPHY channel, on Instagram, and at her website, here!

Urja Vakta

Kat G Morris

Kat Morris is a 2D animator and illustrator based in Vancouver, BC. We love Kat’s use of soft textures, and the human and animal-like creatures she brings to life in her work.

To see more of Kat’s work, we encourage you to check out her 2021 demo reel on her website, as well as her TikTok, where she posts many engaging process videos, alongside her viral animations.

You can find Kat at her GIPHY channel, on Instagram, and on Society6, where she sells prints and other merchandise featuring her illustrations.

Kat G Morris

GIPHY Arts is proud to support a global community of artists who are constantly pushing the boundaries of GIF art in new and exciting ways. For more from GIPHY Arts, follow us on Instagram.



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