GIPHY Arts Talk Shop: Feeding The Mind with Artist Natalia Rocafuerte

GIPHY Arts commissions hundreds of artists a year, all of whom do impeccable work. Today, we are happy to spotlight GIPHY Artist Natalia Rocafuerte and share a Q&A that dives deeper into the creative process.

Natalia Rocafuerte is a video artist exploring her dreams through installations, films, and print. Rocafuerte’s recent installation film “Dream of Emma and Tony” was featured and won best “Michigan Filmmaker” at the 59th Ann Arbor Film Festival. Rocafuerte uses analog video synths, collage and sound diaries for her work, she is a current MFA candidate at University of Michigan.

Fruit Dream (2021) by Natalia Rocafuerte | Made possible with support by GIPHY Arts

What came to mind when GIPHY Arts approached you for a commission?

I am so excited about this opportunity since it gave me a digital outlet for my video work. I called my high school friend Brandon Deleon to collaborate on a sound to really bring all the fruits to life!

Shared with permission from the artist

What is different about GIFs/Clips vs. other art mediums?

Making GIFs and Clips are ways of sharing a small moment, maybe even seconds you enjoy. It has the power of reaching anyone.

Shared with permission from the artist

What do you hope your audience takes away from your work?

To enjoy today and reflect on your dreams! I hope people get a psychedelic dream-like state from my gifs that reorients their focus to endless possibilities!

Describe yourself with one GIF/Clip

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