GIPHY Arts Talk Shop: Pack a Picnic with Artist Urja Vakta

GIPHY Arts commissions hundreds of artists a year, all of whom do impeccable work. Today, we are happy to spotlight GIPHY Artist Urja Vakta and share a Q&A that dives deeper into the creative process.

Urja Vakta is an illustrator/animator based in New York. Her body of work is often influenced by the absurdity of daily life and people around her. Her work explores ideas of physical and psychological comfort. In her free time, she enjoys propagating her plants and watching cartoons.

Pack a Picnic (2021) by Urja Vakta | Made possible with support by GIPHY Arts

What came to mind when GIPHY Arts approached you for a commission?

I was so excited when GIPHY Arts approached me for a commission. I have been an avid user of GIPHY and was thrilled to be a part of the GIPHY Artist community. I loved how supportive and excited the GIPHY team was for my ideas. This commission was definitely reassuring for a budding artist like me.

What is different about GIFs/Clips vs. other art mediums?

I believe the looping property of a GIF or Clip makes it so much more fun to create and view. I have always enjoyed challenging myself to create shorter and more compact narratives and this was the perfect opportunity for that.

Star Love (2021) by Urja Vakta. Created by Urja Vakta with permission to share from her GIPHY Channel

What do you hope your audience takes away from your work?

I hope my audience can enjoy and relate to my Clip about enjoying a sunny day at the park. As a freelance artist cooped up in my apartment, I always look forward to days I can sit amongst trees, peacefully reading a book and enjoying some delicious cheese.

Cartoon Relaxing (2021) by Urja Vakta. Created by Urja Vakta with permission to share from her GIPHY Channel

Describe yourself with one GIF/Clip

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