GIPHY Arts Talk Shop with Joe Cappa

GIPHY Arts commissions hundreds of artists a year, all of whom do impeccable work. Today, we are happy to spotlight a series called COUPLA BOYS, developed by GIPHY Artist Joe Cappa, and share a Q&A that dives deeper into the creative process.

Joe Cappa is a director/animator based in Denver, CO. His work is a balancing act of comedy, horror and wholesomeness. He’s made original content for clients including Bento Box, Adult Swim, Toro y Moi, and Meow Wolf. Cappa’s first animated short film Ghost Dogs was a 2021 Sundance selection and went on to win the Satoshi Kon Award at the Fantasia Film Festival.

COUPLA BOYS — EP 1 (2022) by Joe Cappa: Made possible with support by GIPHY Arts

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What came to mind when GIPHY Arts approached you for a commission?

I’ve had a verified GIPHY account for a few years, and pay attention to which GIFs are being shared the most. Every so often a friend will send me a screen grab when they’d see my GIFs in the wild. I think what is most exciting to me is when I see people sharing my GIFs on Bumble and other dating apps. I’ve done online dating myself, and I understand that every word and GIF used to attract someone is so intentional, because you want to convey so much about yourself in like one to two sentence responses. So the fact that people are using my GIFs to find love and/or sex was something not to take lightly. That is all to say — I knew the clips GIPHY hired me to make needed to be about relationships. Specifically about making babies.

COUPLA BOYS — EP 2 (2022) by Joe Cappa: Made possible with support by GIPHY Arts

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What is different about GIFs/Clips vs. other art mediums?

What I’m most fascinated about with GIFS/Clips is the nature in which they are shared. One could argue that all art mediums are a form of communication, but GIFS/Clips are the most succinct forms of communication on the planet. It’s their sole purpose. It’s an artform that’s used and shared by just about anyone who owns a phone in order to communicate the stuff that verbal and written language fail to do. Chiefly, I believe GIFs/Clips are used to bridge an emotional relationship between people. GIFs say so much about one’s taste, and core interests that when used in the right company can quickly create a rapport. They are a form of language all on their own.

COUPLA BOYS — EP 3 (2022) by Joe Cappa: Made possible with support by GIPHY Arts

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What do you hope your audience takes away from your work?

This past year has been a period of acute self expression. I’ve often felt that my sense of humor can be hyper specific at times, so I’d shy away from GOING THERE in my art just because I didn’t think people would get it. But around August of 2021 I was sitting on my couch sort of feeling disenchanted about everything I was making when I decided to just go for it. I set off to make quick little videos that weren’t intended to make people laugh (which I had done in the past) but showcased what I alone found funny. I honestly did not think many people would find my stuff that great. So the fact that people are liking and most importantly SHARING my stuff is pretty incredible. I’d hope my work allows people to embrace their inner weirdness and just freely express themselves.

COUPLA BOYS — EP 4 (2022) by Joe Cappa: Made possible with support by GIPHY Arts

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Finally, describe yourself with one GIF/Clip.

For more Joe Cappa, check out the below:

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