GIPHY by the Numbers: Super Bowl LI

The thrill of victory! The agony of defeat! Both of those feelings are a lot easier to communicate now that we have GIFs, huh? On Sunday night, there was plenty of celebrating and commiserating using GIPHY GIFs. , but which GIFs were the champion of Super Bowl Sunday?

Let’s take a look at three separate ways of measuring the highest performing searches and GIFs of Super Bowl Sunday: the biggest spikes in searches compared to our yearly average, the top searches most specific to the game itself, and, finally, the top 10 most viewed GIFs of the evening.

Top Five Biggest Search Spikes of the Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday provided a fascinating look into the search habits of our users. To describe the searches we saw as an “emotional roller coaster” would be putting it lightly. Here are Sunday’s top five jumps in searches, compared to GIPHY’s yearly average.

  1. NERVOUS (4109% above GIPHY’s yearly average)

“Nervous” was our highest search spike of the evening…and it was by a lot! This year’s game had people on the edge of their seats, and their GIF searches were proof of that!

2. WOW (1508% above GIPHY’s yearly average)

You can’t get much simpler than a straight up “WOW!”

3. MIC DROP (1320% above GIPHY’s yearly average)

GIPHY users looking for an old standby were given the option of a brand new Gaga GIF, thanks to her halftime performance!

4. CRYING (1073% above GIPHY’s yearly average)

Cheer up, Tom. Wait until you see the next two quarters.

5. EXCITED (741% above GIPHY’s yearly average)

Both Atlanta and New England fans got plenty of use out of this search throughout the course of the game. This Patriots fan was destined to be the face of Super Bowl excitement, though.

Top Five Super Bowl Specific GIF Searches

Tom Brady Crying: Man, a LOT of you wanted this one specific moment of Tom Brady overcome with emotion. Do we have a new, all-time classic on our hands?

Mr Clean: Oh boy. Were we really surprised when a massive amount of searches for “Mr. Clean” started to roll in?

Cartman Poker Face: Lady Gaga’s halftime performance sparked the memory of a bunch of GIPHY users, prompting a spike in searches for “Cartman Pokerface”. Well, , ask and you shall receive!

Dirty Bird: The official endzone dance of the Atlanta Falcons got plenty of love from GIPHY users. Here we see the Dirty Bird, rendered expertly by Falcons super fan (and Harlem Globetrotter!) Moose Weekes.

Left Shark: Oh Left Shark…we never forgot about you. That’s right, when the Super Bowl halftime show started, searches for poor Left Shark surged!

Top 10 Most Viewed Super Bowl GIFs

Forget about any fancy calculations — let’s get down to the details. Let’s look at the top GIFs of Super Bowl LI. Surprise, surprise…the Patriots won this one, too. But watch out Tom Brady, Gaga is on your tail!











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