GIPHY Clips Are Now in Wakelet

Today, Wakelet users now have access to GIPHY’s latest format — GIPHY Clips! GIPHY Clips are short video clips that are shareable, relatable, and capture quick highlights from all your favorite pop culture moments — basically, everything you love about GIFs, but with sound.

Combined with Wakelet’s capabilities to allow users to capture, create, and share on the go, the implementation of GIPHY Clips will create an additional space for Wakelet’s users to consume, share, and search for culture-defining quotes, quips, and reactions.

We could go on about why we are excited about this integration, but who better to talk about it than Wakelet themselves. Read on for Q&A about GIPHY Clips x Wakelet with Teijas Yeseswin, Head of Business Development at Wakelet.

Q: Why did Wakelet choose to work with GIPHY?
The Wakelet Community of users has always been the guiding force behind the partners we choose, and the product decisions we make on the platform. GIPHY has always been highly requested for a product integration on our platform. We were delighted to work with the team at GIPHY to bring GIPHY Clips to the platform.

Q: Why specifically did you want GIPHY Clips in Wakelet? How will it benefit your users?
Wakelet allows for people to express themselves in the form of multimedia content from across the web. GIPHY Clips offered a unique opportunity for us as a platform to allow for our users to express themselves in a fun and visual way, all inside a Wakelet collection.

Q: How does the integration work? Where can users find GIPHY Clips in Wakelet?
Once you’re logged into Wakelet, create a new collection or begin editing one you’ve already started, you can add GIPHY Clips! Simply follow these steps:

  1. Select the icon inside your collection.
  2. Select to access the GIPHY library.
  3. Explore and select your favorite GIPHY Clips!

Q: Which GIPHY Clip is your favorite?
I absolutely love the range of Clips from The Office (American TV series).

Q: Any other new things coming from Wakelet that people should know about?
We’re delighted to bring the new Column Layout to Wakelet. Columns are the perfect way to curate group research projects, collaborative boards, bulletin-board projects, weekly planners and so much more. Try it for yourself at

Be sure to check out Wakelet, here. And for more information from GIPHY, be sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter @GIPHY.

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