GIPHY Debuts Brand New Formats: GIPHY Emoji and GIPHY Text

2 min readMay 30, 2019

Today, two new formats join GIPHY’s ever-growing content library — GIPHY Emoji & GIPHY Text! Available exclusively in our flagship mobile app, these new content libraries bring even more life to your everyday conversations.

So what are they exactly?


GIPHY Emoji in iMessage

The GIPHY Emoji library features 80 high quality, fully animated emoji stickers. No longer are these familiar, emotive faces frozen in place, as GIPHY Emoji brings life and motion to some all-time favorites as well as some new and unique emojis, such as a chef’s kiss and dumpster fire. In addition, longtime GIPHY partner Pepsi is the first brand with content in the GIPHY Emoji library.


GIPHY Text in the GIPHY Keyboard Extension

GIPHY Text brings all of GIPHY’s popular text stickers into one place, making it easier than ever for users to locate the perfect word and/or phrase response — all animated to convey a subtle sense of sarcasm, irony, enthusiasm or whatever other emotion is needed for the conversation. These stickers come from a wide range of GIPHY artists and partners, but perhaps most notably, Cat Frazier. Known worldwide as @AnimatedText, GIPHY brought Cat onboard to help develop and curate the GIPHY Text library.

“With GIFs, text gets a life of its own. The animation adds a playful element that can infer tone — like sarcasm, excitement, etc. — making them dynamic and fun to layer on top of other content,” says Cat Frazier, who produces GIF art under the name @AnimatedText. “Animated Text phrases are chosen based on relevancy, humor, and how useful they are in conversation. They are a real time snapshot of the way people are speaking online and, much like GIPHY, have grown with the internet. Collaborating with GIPHY has given Animated Text a life of its own and I look forward to seeing how its audience continues to use these Text stickers to add more dimension to their everyday conversations.”

Both GIPHY Emoji and GIPHY Text are exclusively available in GIPHY’s flagship mobile app on iOS (including its iMessage and Keyboard extensions, as well as FaceTime) and Android, which you can find here. They will also soon be available to developers!

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