GIPHY on the Big Screen: Catch 30 Seconds of Looping Animation in Select Theaters

This November, GIPHY will be running a new 30 second ad in cinemas throughout New York City and Los Angeles — our two hometowns. The new spot is part of our ongoing “Be Animated” campaign that we’ve been running since late 2019, which brings animation and entertainment to new and unique places. Previous executions include FRAME BY FRAME, the first animated book of GIF art, and last year’s New Window, a looping holiday window in New York’s Lower East Side.

Composed of 10 different GIPHY Clips (GIFs with Sound), the spot weaves together various interpretations of metamorphosis (which we ourselves have experienced much of) spilling into a quick fire of relatable, positive leaning emotional content that our platform is known for. The final spot transports the world of the internet into the magic of the movie theater where big screens and 5.1 sound highlight the potency and power of GIPHY Clips.

GIPHY’s new :30 “Be Animated” spot appearing in NYC & LA cinemas this November.

In alignment with GIPHY’s values, the video shines a spotlight on our creative community as well, showcasing commissioned work from five different artists as well as some GIPHY originals. In our continued effort to elevate and celebrate our artists and their work, audiences can see attribution in the lower left hand corner (thanks old school MTV!). Featured artists include Tianna Harvey, Angela Kirkwood, Alexandre Louvenaz, David Packer and Juan Billy.

If nothing else, we hope this spot serves as an entertaining addition to the movie going experience and an opportunity to showcase how much more than just GIFs GIPHY is.

Be Animated.



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