GIPHY Product Update: Where to Find GIPHY Clips!

In case you haven’t heard, GIPHY has a video content type for people to share the latest and greatest moments in messaging, but this time with sound — GIPHY Clips. Now, GIPHY Clips are as easy to find, view, and share as our GIFs and Stickers. Here’s a complete list of where you can use GIPHY Clips.

Browse trending Clips on our GIPHY homepage and Clips feed

You can browse and discover the latest trending Clips on our homepage and on our iOS and Android apps. We place Clips front and center so it’s easy to get a quick overview of the latest and greatest Clips content out there.

View Clip channels and collections on

We’ve partnered with thousands of the best content creators to bring a unique Clip viewing experience on Our GIPHY Clip collections are as creative, timely, and relatable as our channel creators are — check out some TV Clips from Squid Game, Law & Order / CSI , and the Roku Channel . We also have amazing artist channels, like Meltem Sahim, Anna Firth, and Gifes con Ensalada, who continue to push the boundaries of the Clip format.

Search for Clips in our library

We’ve built a searchable Clips library so you can find the best Clip to express yourself in messaging. Clips are denoted with a sound icon in the top right corner, and are available on our site and in our apps and extensions. You can also preview a Clip to make sure you are sending the perfect Clip for the moment.

Find GIPHY Clips in our Extensions

We’ve made it super easy for you to view Clips in our Chrome, iMessage, and Android extensions so you can share Clips anywhere. You can also discover the latest trending Clips in the Clips feed.

Download the Chrome extension here, and make sure that you have the latest version of the GIPHY iOS and Android apps to enable the iMessage and Android extensions.

Easily Share Clips in Your Favorite Apps

All GIPHY Clips can be shared and viewed anywhere video clips can be played online. This year, we launched a Clips viewing experience on Slack so that any Clip URL displays the Clip, along with easy toggles to hear (or mute) the sound and view (or hide) closed captioning. We’ve also built a custom viewing experience on iMessage so Clips can be viewed without ever leaving the iMessage app.

We’re also partnering with companies like Wakelet to bring a sleek Clips viewing experience in our extended network. You can read more about our integration in this post. Interested in creating an experience for your users to consume, search, and share culture-defining pop culture moments in your app or site? Check out our Clips SDK documentation here.

We’re so excited to continue building out the Clips library and improving the Clips product so we have the best-in-class Clips experience possible. We’d love to hear from you — show us your favorite Clips on Twitter, share ideas with our support team, and tell us where you want to see Clips next!

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