GIPHY Releases New and Improved Super Cut Features (for Clips!)

A while back, GIPHY launched its Super Cut product for verified partners so they could easily create and upload high quality GIF content in bulk. After seeing how much it improved the GIF experience for partners, we are very excited to now bring Super Cut to our newest format — GIPHY Clips.*

Rewind, what are GIPHY Clips?

Glad you asked. GIPHY Clips are GIFs with sound! Similar to GIFs, they are bite-sized, looping, and super shareable — making them a perfect opportunity for partners to expand their GIPHY library. Ever see a GIF meme or reaction that you could virtually hear? Well now with GIPHY Clips, you actually can!

The GIPHY Clips library has been growing quickly, and with more verified partners adopting and using the GIPHY Clips format, we wanted to make sure it was super simple to upload, edit, and customize their video content.

So What’s New with Super Cut?

At GIPHY, partner feedback is hugely important to product development. We pay close attention to what partners are using, what tools and features are helpful, and what can be improved. After listening to partner feedback on Super Cut, we’ve made a number of advancements that we believe will make the GIPHY Clips creation experience for verified partners even better. This includes:

  • Watermarks — upload and position your branded watermark on the media
  • Custom Fonts + Styles — upload your own custom fonts for branded captions
  • Multi-Captions — you can now add/layer multiple captions
  • Cropping — Apply a preset crop (Cinematic, Square, Full) or you’re own custom crop to the media you’re editing
  • Trimming — easy trimming features allow you to get the perfect moment from your original media asset

What Does This Mean for GIPHY Partners?

Verified partners now have even more flexibility and options when it comes to customizing their Clips. We know that our partners’ time is valuable, so we wanted to make our creation tools as fast, simple, and intuitive as possible.

We also recognize that GIFs and Clips are a very viable way for brands to distribute their content to GIPHY’s expansive user base. These features and improvements ensure that verified partner content gets even more brand visibility. That short video clip is no longer just a superfluous piece of content, but rather an effortlessly branded Clip that can easily be shared wherever people are having conversations.

We can’t wait to see what our partners create with Super Cut. Tag us on social @GIPHY to share your Clips creations and follow us on Twitter and Instagram for the latest information, product releases, and more.

*Note: As of now, Clips uploads and Super Cut are only available to GIPHY’s verified partners.

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