GIPHY Studios Creators Club: 2022 Recap

2 min readFeb 16


From tarot card predictions to crafty messages, from shrunken best friends to some of our new favorite short tunes, last year’s Creators Club made for many memorable GIPHY Clips moments. For those that don’t know, Creators Club is a program run by LA-based GIPHY Studios that focuses on amplifying the voices of rising Creators and helping provide the tools and resources they need to succeed in the digital space.

Let’s take a look back at the talented fifteen Creators we added to the club throughout 2022.

Clip by Daren Girdner
Clip by Niane

The 2022 Creators Club class included: Sean Barrett, Eagle Blackbird, Tommy Do, Daren Girdner, Kelsey Guy, Tom Hearn, Jenny Lorenzo, EJ Marcus, Kyle Mizono, Sara Nahusenay, Niane, OK Jess, Sam Reece (aka Shitty Craft Club), Anna Seregina, and Lilly Sparks.

Clip by OK Jess
Clip by Sean Barrett

In addition to creating original Clips for the GIPHY library, Creators also took over the GIPHY Studios Instagram account to give additional insight on their work and creative process, and to answer audience questions. Below are a few highlights:

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