GIPHY x FRIENDS = 1 Billion Views!

We’re very excited to announce that — after launching just a few short weeks ago — the official FRIENDS channel on GIPHY has already reached 1+ billion views!

To celebrate, we pulled together the most-viewed GIFs from the channel. Check it out in the infographic below?

Why were these the most popular? GIPHY’s Senior Director of Editorial, Stacy Rizzetta, weighed in:

#3: In this hilarious scene, Monica is actually hiding under the surface of the tub water because Joey has just walked into the bathroom, and Monica and Chandler are trying to keep their relationship on the DL. But taken out of context, this GIF of Chandler is a total MOOD and it’s not a shock that it’s popular with users!

#2: We love sassy Monica! In this episode, the girls all read a self-help book called “Be Your Own Wind Keeper”, and Rachel has just used her newfound empowerment to put Ross in his place. This GIF is the embodiment of #squadgoals.

#1: It’s no surprise to us that this is the highest-viewed piece of content from the FRIENDS channel because it’s a classic reaction GIF. In this scene from the Season 1 finale, Phoebe is being sarcastic to Ross and her exaggerated facial expression makes for the perfect looping moment!

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Source: FRIENDS channel on GIPHY

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