GIPHY x Latinx Heritage Month

This month, GIPHY ID (GIPHY’s Diversity & Inclusion ERG), celebrated Latinx Heritage Month by hosting its own event, called GIPHY GIGANTE. Latinx Heritage Month is always full of festive events like happy hours, conversations, and panels, etc. But since everything about event planning is different this year, GIPHY ID wanted to ensure that we still get to celebrate LHM and educate people during this time; and a virtual event seemed like the perfect way.

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WHY GIPHY GIGANTE? Latinx media has a very storied heritage. Sabado Gigante (Gigantic Saturday) was a Spanish-language 4 hour variety show that featured comedy skits, musical interludes, interviews, quiz games and just about anything else you can imagine. It was Univision’s longest-running program and the longest-running television variety series in history. Hosting our own GIPHY GIGANTE was our tribute to the program’s host — Don Francisco — who became such a cult personality that even those outside the Spanish-speaking world recognize him.

GIPHY ID wanted to give credit to this influential program, so we had our own variety hour to celebrate something so special. This included: Latinx trivia, My Latinx Hero segments (where Latinx GIPHY employees spoke about influential figures), shout-outs to famous Latinx brands and products, skits, and a musical number (nose flute — it’s worth the google search).

In addition to GIPHY’s own internal event, many partners showed up for Latinx Heritage Month and made some amazing content. Check out a few examples below:

Thanks to all who helped us celebrate this important month and you can find even more content on the Latinx Heritage Month channel, here!

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