HEADS UP! An Exquisite Corpse by Cartuna x GIPHY Arts

Cartuna is an award-winning animation studio creating world class content with a focus on emerging and innovative artists. GIPHY Arts collaborated with Cartuna to create a series of shorts showcasing the work of 60 animators from around the world.

Each episode features a different set of animators that had free rein to bring their interpretation to Cartuna’s fun and inventive prompts. The shorts tap into different cultural perspectives to universal subjects such as recipes and sports, as well as anomalous explorations into human existence and perplexing questions like what one might find on their way to the earth’s core.

In Cartuna’s words, “HEADS UP! Projectiles are flying in this exquisite corpse from Cartuna X GIPHY. Animators play a game of catch showcasing cultural pastimes, reminiscing on childhood memories, and exploring the wacky imaginations of artists from around the world.”

Participating artists in HEADS UP! include Bujor Stefanescu, Keith Garces, Dan Forke, Jason Joannes, Miguel Duarte, Pattama Homrod, Sopedou Fu, Rachael Greenfield, Kiana Caines, Carl D’Arpa, Xinhui Ma, Hoss Wheeler, Preston Spurlock, Misato, Jenny He, Beeld Motion, Kimmie King, Angélica Agélviz & Connor Yarish.

Sound Design by Logan Baldwin. Music by William Benckert. Editing by Ben Bishop.

Each Clip from the series is available to share via GIPHY Clips. Search “heads up clips” or visit Cartuna’s GIPHY channel to explore them all.

For more from GIPHY Arts, follow us on Twitter and Instagram and find more of Cartuna’s work on their Instagram!

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