How to Pronounce “GIF”? Jif x GIPHY Set the Record Straight

Soft “G”… hard “G”… GIPHY is no stranger to the debate over how to pronounce “GIF.” This is why we’ve teamed up with Jif® peanut butter to settle this great debate — just in time for National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day on March 1.

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Jif®, said with a “soft G,” is America’s number one peanut butter. GIFs, said with a “hard G,” are the frequently shared looping videos that add humor, culture, and entertainment into people’s daily conversations (of which we, GIPHY, serve 10 billion each day).

To help bring the debate to life, GIPHY has created a suite of “Jif vs. GIF” GIFs to help you express yourself — whether overwhelmed by the debate or confident in your stance, there’s a GIF for everyone.

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In addition, Jif has created a limited run of specially labeled jars — yes, they say “Gif” right on the front — now available on Amazon at just under $10 while they last. With a tongue-in-cheek label, these collectibles can help Jif fans spread the news (get it?) that Jif — with a “soft G” — should be all about the peanut butter.

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While Jif and GIPHY stand in agreement, the fun is in the debate and we invite you to join the conversation on Twitter using #JifvsGIF.

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