Infinite Objects x GIPHY Love You

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Infinite Objects — the company making “video prints” — and GIPHY have teamed up to make purchasing and gifting a GIF possible for the first time.

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GIPHY Studios artwork as part of Valentine’s Day collection

Starting today, you can select from six Valentines-themed GIPHY Studios* GIFs and have them framed by Infinite Objects — creating a true GIF that keeps on giving. Each frame costs $49 and is available for purchase here.

“At GIPHY, we’ve always dreamed of bringing GIFs into the physical world so they could be shared IRL. Infinite Objects makes this dream a reality. They are making the real world more animated and we couldn’t be more thankful for that,” said Alex Chung, Founder, GIPHY

In addition to the special Valentine’s Day GIFs, Infinite Objects is releasing the beta of it’s new IO Creator tool — in case you have a specific memory or video that would make the perfect gift!

Find more details in the full press release, here. And for more updates from GIPHY, follow us on Twitter.

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Example of UGC frame (left) and GIPHY Studios Valentine’s Day art (right)

*Artist Credit for GIPHY Studios GIFs: Josh Freydikis, Natalie James, Domitille Collardey, Parker Jackson

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