Introducing Creators Club — A New Collaborative Community by GIPHY Studios

2 min readAug 24, 2021

Creators Club is a new program from GIPHY Studios, GIPHY’s LA-based creative studio, focusing on amplifying the voices of rising Creators and helping provide the tools and resources they need to succeed in the digital space.

At its heart, GIPHY Studios and really, GIPHY as a whole, is a community of Creators of all kinds. From artists and animators to people who are simply passionate about animal GIFs, GIPHY has always been a platform for self expression and creativity. We have also always been looking for new ways to support the creative community and — as we see the rising influence and capabilities of Creators across the digital landscape — we look forward to seeing how Creators Club can help propel these individuals’ careers and creative opportunities.

We’re kicking off our 2021 program with 12 diverse creatives handpicked for their unique and important voices. They include up-and-coming comics, visual artists, directors, musicians, and other outstanding talent that we believe have the potential to make magic with us and push the boundaries of short form digital storytelling.

2021 Participants include: Andrés Acosta, Kel Cripe, Clayton Farris, James Koroni, Dylan McKeever, Jasmine Moore, Fia Oruene, Sarah Squirm, TIMA, Thu Tran, Tien Tran, and Christina Xing.

Creators Club will provide a launchpad for Creators to manifest entertaining and conversational content in new ways while also providing them with mentorship and hands on support from GIPHY Studios, custom tailored sessions with industry experts, professional development opportunities, and the funds to help elevate Creators’ endeavors to the next level.

Each of the 12 Creators will be paired with a dedicated team at GIPHY Studios who will provide guidance and support to help them bring their creative vision to life through a collection of original short-form content (Clips, GIFs, etc.), giving their content reach and visibility through distribution within GIPHY’s vast network.

Above all, Creators Club is an ongoing initiative committed to showcasing, collaborating with and building relationships with the new voices who we believe are the future of content creation, and helping them reach their creative goals.

We’ll be releasing original, made-for-GIPHY content from these twelve Creators on a regular basis throughout the rest of the year. In addition, each release will be thoughtfully timed as Creators chose to make content that is timely and relevant to certain parts of the year as well as to cultural moments.

Throughout this post, you can find a sneak peak of content already completed by some of our Creators (from top to bottom: Jasmine Moore, Kel Cripe, Sarah Squirm). For more updates, follow us here on Medium and at GIPHY Studios on IG for updates!




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