More and more people are using GIFs to express themselves every day.

Since publishing the State of the GIF, we’ve more than doubled to over 200MM Daily Active Users. People share 25K GIFs a minute on Facebook Messenger. You’re 30% more likely to start a conversation on Tinder if you send a GIF. As an art form the GIF has “never been more popular than it is right now” — the first GIF to hit 100M views on GIPHY was from an artist named Julie Winegard. And the GIF just went primetime thanks to Issa Rae featuring one in a recent episode of her HBO show Insecure.

“How popular is this GIF?”

So many people asked us that question we thought it was time to turn the answer into a product. Every time you see a GIPHY GIF, we count a view (regardless of how many times it loops).

Courtesy of GIPHY Studios. Featured Art by Domitille Collardey. As of 8/2017 this GIF has 14M views.
Courtesy of GIPHY Studios. As of 8/2017 this Channel has 11.7B views.

A view count on GIPHY says a lot about a GIF.

It tells us which GIFs are the most popular memes today or what was the most epic moment from last week’s Game of Thrones. It shows how strong the force is in the old chapters and the new. View counts show how often we like to be a bit roguish, as well!

Courtesy of NBA. As of 8/2017, this GIF has 57M views.

Little GIFs are a BIG Deal

Last year we helped put the GIF everywhere. This year we want to show you what that means because more people are using GIFs everyday. That means more lols, more feels, more shares, and more views.


Courtesy of GIPHY Studios. Art by Domitille Collardey.

GIPHY is GIFs. The first and largest GIF search engine, where thousands of artists, brands, and pop culture moments make today’s expression, entertainment, and info a little more moving. Search, Share, and Make All The GIFs!

Learn more about GIPHY in our 2016 State of the GIF report.

GIPHY is all the GIFs. We’re the first and largest GIF search engine where artists, brands, and users alike go to make everyday conversation more entertaining.

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