July: What’s Inspiring Us Lately

GIPHY Studios, the creative production team at GIPHY, shares recent sources of inspiration:

This documentary is one of my all time favorites. It’s not just an incredible story of how pop culture as we know it was changed because of the ambitions of one person, but also one of the most inspiring messages about creativity and art I’ve ever seen. Just watching it makes me want to go out and create something. — Chris Vavra, Director of Photography


These joyful, handmade, inedible cakes by Jasmine Archie demand your attention! A wonderful decor fixture for any home, and so yummy looking you want to take a bite… — Sazan Pasori, Art Director


I recently was talking with my friend and work mentor about a personal project I was feeling stuck on and he introduced me to this artist’s (David Gilhooly) work — specifically his series on frogs. The everyday subjects mixed with the comical absurdity of frogs just felt so fresh and funny, and it really pulled me out of this creative rut I was feeling. — Jess Judkins, Brand Strategist


I’ve recently been getting into stained glass crafts and was looking for inspiration. I thought this was so cool! I normally see angels, flowers, and bar signs in stained glass but this definitely caught my eye. I love that it’s based on melted ice creams — the marble gumballs are such a tiny creative detail. — Audrey Beale, Motion Designer

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