LET’S GET CRACKIN’ An Exquisite Corpse by Cartuna x GIPHY Arts

GIPHY Arts is pleased to present, LET’S GET CRACKIN’ the last episode of a three part series created in partnership with the award-winning animation studio Cartuna. In this episode an egg carton is passed from one artist’s kitchen to another, creating a mesmerizing loop of ooey gooey egg goodness. Grab a seat at the table for a delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner menu that is sure to leave you craving a snack.

LET’S GET CRACKIN’ (2021) by Cartuna | Made possible with support by GIPHY Arts

In Cartuna’s words “Let’s get crackin’ in this series of culinary clips that celebrate the humble egg, a fundamental ingredient in kitchens across the globe. 21 artists highlight their favorite egg dishes and attempt to answer the age old question, which came first: the GIF or the egg?”

Egg in a Hole by Oranda Dillard | Excerpt from LET’S GET CRACKIN’

Participating artists in LET’S GET CRACKIN’ include Janice Chun, Julie Morris, Joseph Abutin, Amanda Gonzalez, Margaret Bialis, Oranda Dillard, Han De Nichilo, Kyrylo Novikov, Ding Do, Jack Wedge, Kai Movagh, Benny Candie, Sara Cal, Goren Sarriegui-Simon, Courtney Clay, Min Liu, Nick Zweig, Brooke Huggins, Pilar Garcia-Fernandezsesma, Ben Spybey & Benjamin Agersted. Sound Design by Logan Baldwin, music by Dusty Decks and editing/compositing by Ben Bishop. Produced by Noah Pardo.

Pisto by Pilar Garcia-Fernandezsesma | Excerpt from LET’S GET CRACKIN’

Each Clip from the series is available to share via GIPHY Clips. Search “crackin clips” or visit Cartuna’s GIPHY channel to explore them all.

For more from GIPHY Arts, follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Find more of Cartuna’s work on their Instagram and be sure to check out the other episodes in the series “HEADS UP!” and “DIG! DIG! DIG!



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