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In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, GIPHY has made company-wide efforts to encourage conversations around Mental Health with the launch of our Mental Health Awareness Channel. This year we want to celebrate and promote partners, artists and advocacy groups creating content that helps to de-stigmatize mental health, encourages people to talk about their emotional wellbeing and promote self-care.

About the Channel

On the Mental Health Awareness Channel, you’ll find everything from GIFs that help spark a conversation around Mental Health to stickers that advocate for equal access to Mental Health. You’ll also find original commissioned content by GIPHY artists Cat Willett, Grovertoons, Trap Bob, Megan Motown, and Ellis D and partners such as Crisis Text Line and Seize the Awkward (created in partnership with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, The Jed Foundation (JED), and the Ad Council)

Content by GIPHY Studios

The team at GIPHY was also inspired to create content for Mental Health Awareness and our very own Mena Gonzalez at GIPHY Studios made GIFs, Clips and Stickers with an emphasis on self love and introspection.

Welcome to the Self Love Club @studiosoriginals

GIPHY x MTV for Mental Health Action Day

In addition to our channel launch, GIPHY is proud to be a partner in the first-ever Mental Health Action Day on Thursday, May 20th in partnership with MTV and Taskforce. MTV’s channel has a plethora of helpful content; everything from content to help normalize therapy, acknowledging that recovery is a journey and reminding us to focus on progress over perfection.

Therapy is my Jam by @MTV

GIPHY Arts Commissions

GIPHY Arts commissions artists on a rolling basis to share their experiences with mental health through their art. Amsterdam-based artist Ellis D said, “It’s still not as easy to talk about mental health as it is to talk about the weather. Why isn’t it? That’s why I combined weather themed references with mental health related imagery to give people tools to talk about their mental health more easily.”

Today’s Mind by Ellis D

When asked to elaborate on her commission, Brooklyn-based artist Cat Willett said, “I believe that illustration has the power to normalize difficult issues, empower people, and act as a vehicle for meaningful messaging, all while bringing a bit more beauty into the world.”

Tomorrow is a New Day by Cat Willett

We know this channel is just the start, but we hope that by opening the conversation around Mental Health and making content readily available on social media platforms and in conversations, that maybe we can help make a difference in someone’s day.

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