Need a Smile? Here are GIPHY’s Top GIFs of the Week

3 min readMar 20, 2020

What a week it’s been! With many of us working remotely and looking to digital mediums vs face-to-face to stay in touch, we decided to look and see what content people on GIPHY are using to express themselves during this crazy time.

At GIPHY, we strive to make the internet a more positive and uplifting place and we were excited to see users following suit. As you’ll see below, many of the top-viewed GIFs from the week express love, cuddles, a realistic splash of boredom, but overall indicate people are sharing positive vibes via everyday GIF communication.

We hope you find this list as uplifting as we do!

#1: Happy St Patrick’s Day! (by Mochimochiland)

#2: Cute puppy “Hi!”

#3: WFH Kitten

#4: Laughing / spit-take GIF

#5: Thumbs up!

#6: Nick Jonas

#7: Team Fortress 2 Meme

#8: “I Love You”

#9: Love x Blowing Kisses

#10: “I Love You” (lots of Love on this list!)

#11: Social Distancing “hello!” (by CsaK)

#12: SpongeBob Springtime

#13: “Wash Your Hands” PSA

#14: Puppy snuggles

#15: Chilling at Home

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