Pride x GIPHY

At GIPHY we celebrate all things LGBTQIA+ (and the Pride surrounding it) all year long, but we especially do during Pride Month in June!

This year, GIPHY launched an official Pride channel! This channel features content from partners, artists, and organizations that showcase and commemorate this diverse community.

Check out some of the Clip, GIF, and Sticker content highlights below from just a few of our 2021 partners…

Youtube Pride 2021 by @youtube

GIPHY Originals

Quotes from Tori Cooper

Tori Cooper, Director of Community at the Human Rights Coalition, graciously spoke to GIPHY recently about her personal journey and her work on transgender rights, and the impact of HIV/AIDS on the transgender community. We’re so excited to be able to highlight some of her incredible words here! Check out more on GIPHY’s Instagram!

GIPHY x GLAAD x Filters

In collaboration with @glaad, we created brand new GIPHY filters for #pride! Catch them on the GIPHY app now…

GIPHY Arts Commissions

For this year’s Pride, GIPHY Arts commissioned Canadian illustrator Jon Hanlan to create a vibrant series of animated illustrations celebrating love in all its forms. By creating a blend of playful characters and typography illustrations, Jon captures enthusiasm and a joy for life in this set of stickers and GIFs.

When asked about the work Jon said, “Every opportunity to speak on the subject of LGBTQ+ topics in my work I am grateful for, especially knowing how important art can be for social change. I appreciate chances to represent the community I’m also a part of. It is a time to simply celebrate love and joy, as well as the victories we’ve reached thus far for queer equality, with eyes also set on how far we have to go.”

Looking for an animator? You can contact Jon directly with paid opportunities using GIPHY’s new Hire Me Button!

Link to GIFs:



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