Reddit Launches GIPHY in Comments

Calling all redditors and mods! We are excited to announce that Reddit will be adding GIFs in Comments, exclusively powered by GIPHY.

Starting today (7/13), users in enabled subreddits will be able to search GIPHY’s moderated library of GIFs, and insert them directly into a comment on Reddit (along with any text). This functionality will be available as an opt-in feature on all pre-existing SFW and non-quarantined subreddits — so moderators will have the ability to decide if it’s right for their communities. For all newly created subreddits, the feature will automatically be available, with the ability for moderators to opt-out.

Simply put, GIFs in Comments empowers users to have richer and more dynamic conversations through visual media. It brings an added layer of personal expression to Reddit comments, and a more seamless, on-platform experience for those users who’ve historically posted links of GIFs (requiring a click out).

Previously, GIFs in Comments had only been available via Powerups — custom features limited to a small number of users. However, over the last 2 years the GIFs in Comments feature has proven quite successful on Reddit, leading to their decision to expand its availability to all users.

We are very excited to see conversations take shape with this new, expanded feature!




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