The Top GIFs and Clips From the 2023 Grammy Awards

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What’s that? The Grammys are back? Well…

From an all-star medley performance by hip-hop GOATs, to a new addition to the EGOT pantheon, the 2023 Grammy Awards were a historic night for the music industry, full of moments that we’ll be talking about for weeks to come (Like, what’s happening with Bennifer?).

Below, we’ve broken down some of the top moments of the night, all of which can be viewed on the Recording Academy’s official GIPHY channel.

Want to know which GIFs and Clips made their mark this year? Here’s our official recap of the 2023 Grammy Awards.

Most-Viewed GIFs: Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Bonnie Raitt

Living legends Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Bonnie Raitt topped our list of the most-viewed GIFs from the 2023 Grammy Awards.

For starters, Beyoncé made Grammy history Sunday night, taking home four awards and breaking the record for the most Grammy wins of all time with 32 (yes, 32!) total awards.

This GIF of Beyoncé getting up to accept her award for best dance/electronic music album was the third most-viewed GIF of the night with 17.5 million views, as of Tuesday.

Jay-Z seemed to be enjoying himself as he watched hip-hop’s biggest stars perform a show-stopping medley celebrating the genre’s 50th anniversary. This GIF of him watching the performance was the second most-viewed GIF of the night with 31.5 million views.

In the biggest surprise of the night, Bonnie Raitt won song of the year for “Just Like That”. This GIF of a surprised Raitt was the most-viewed GIF of the night with 33.3 million views.

Honorable Mention: Adele and Lizzo

Grammy nominees Adele and Lizzo sat next to each other at this year’s ceremony and the duo proved to be a treasure trove of reaction GIFs Sunday night.

Here are five of our favorite GIFs of Adele and Lizzo from the 2023 Grammy Awards.

All the Reaction Clips

Watching nominees react to their wins is a large part of the fun of awards shows and this year’s nominees certainly delivered on the reaction front. Here are four of our favorite reaction Clips from the 2023 Grammy Awards.

  1. Lizzo — “Um…huh?”

2. Bonnie Raitt — “I’m so surprised!”

3. Beyoncé — “I’m trying to just…receive this.”

4. Bad Bunny — “Gracias.”

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