This Week on GIPHY: Spo0oky Edition!

Oct 30, 2020

Time may feel like a vague concept this year,

but we can confirm that Halloween is here.

Snuggle up with a scary movie and some snacks,

and if you head out, be sure to double up on masks.

So please enjoy these spooky Stickers and GIFs,

and we’ll be back next week…no ands, buts, or ifs.

The Craft: Legacy is here! And if these GIFs don’t get you excited for this reboot, we don’t know what will.

ALTER has created these incredible iconic horror movie moments in claymation. Somehow, they remain just as spooky.

The Sultan has released his new video for his Halloween single, Monsters!

Richie Brown brought us ghosty glam through these incredible Sticker commissions!

Spice up your halloween treats with these Tabasco skeleton hand stickers!





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