TikTok Library Launches with GIPHY Clips

3 min readMar 29, 2022

GIPHY Clips Broadens Distribution in New Library Feature

As you may know, GIPHY has been spending the last few years building and growing its video product, GIPHY Clips (GIFs w/ Sound). Today we’re announcing an exciting new integration of GIPHY Clips within TikTok — our first major integration with a video platform. The integration is part of TikTok’s new feature, Library — a tool that makes it easy for people to grab entertaining clips from their favorite culture-defining moments for their own videos and seamlessly integrate into their content.

The GIPHY integration within TikTok Library will feature Clips content from our verified roster of partners and artists, including HBO, ABC, Hulu, Xbox, and The Roku Channel (among others) — so you can count on high quality, recognizable content. Additionally, TikTok users will be able to access our GIFs within the Library feature to use in their creations and take their videos to the next level.

Like Duets and Stitch, or the latest trending sound, TikTok’s Library content is designed to be adapted into engaging and creative videos. It unlocks a new category of entertainment content for users to comment on, discuss or parody and allows more creators to participate in or start their own trends. And we think GIPHY Clips will bring a whole new dimension of entertainment to the TikTok ecosystem.

What’s most exciting about this launch is getting to see how TikTok users and creators will take GIPHY’s library for visual expression and incorporate it into their own storytelling. “When we were building the Clips library, people were already consuming more audio forward content. They were streaming shows on mobile, and moving quickly to platforms like TikTok where audio is driving creativity,” says Cam Smith, VP of Product at GIPHY. “This type of partnership has been our North Star from the beginning, as Clips are designed for people to see, use, and share — and TikTok is a perfect platform for it.”

Here’s how to use GIPHY Clips in Library:

  1. In TikTok, from the camera screen, tap the new Library icon on the vertical sidebar
  2. Once on the Library screen, you can scroll through trending content or use the search bar to find something specific
  3. Once you’ve selected your content, you can clip to the desired length and return to the shoot page to continue capturing content.

This marks the next step in GIPHY and TikTok’s ongoing work together, having previously launched Stickers (2019) and GIFs in Green Screen (2021). GIPHY’s Director of Business Development Lydia Getachew says, “This is my favorite integration we’ve done with TikTok to date. One of the many things GIPHY and TikTok have in common is allowing users to feel safe in expressing themselves via micro-entertainment. GIPHY Clips on TikTok adds an additional layer of convenience for users to immerse themselves within their favorite cultural moment.”

GIPHY is the first partner to integrate with TikTok’s Library feature, which begins rolling out this week on Android and next week on iOS. A full deployment for all users will follow in the coming weeks. Long term, TikTok plans to expand Library to include additional content sources, audio and sounds, text templates, UGC, and more. You can learn more about TikTok Library here.

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